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Welcome! was generously donated to us by its pseudonymized founder, Ian Sala.

I’m a son of a narcissistic mother who has been on a healing journal for the last 12 years.

I’m currently in training to become a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach in order to help other sons of narcissistic mothers heal.

Recovery is Possible for Sons of Narcissistic Mothers

Narcissistic abuse by your mother is a serious relational trauma that causes developmental delays and Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD). People get stuck for years or decades from CPTSD. All aspects of your life can be negatively affected.

Thankfully, much has been learned about how to effectively heal developmental trauma in the last decades.

  • You can be free from the constraints imposed by the trauma of your past
  • Free to create a life you love

I will be offering Trauma Recovery Coaching for sons of narcissistic mothers and would like to offer groups for sons of narcissistic mothers. Relational trauma must be healed in the context of safe and healthy relationships.

If you’re interested, please contact me.

Sons of Narcissistic Mothers

While there has already been quite a bit written about daughters of narcissistic mothers, little has been dedicated to their sons.

But statistically, there have got to be as many sons as daughters, right? It would be naive to think sons are not just as deeply affected., therefore, aimed to give a voice to sons of narcissistic mothers (SoNMs). Like their sisters, they too see their lives very much impacted by the emotional unavailability and the manipulations of their mothers.

Possibly, many go through life without ever realizing that it was conditioned and controlled by their mother to the extent that they were never really in charge and able to be their true selves. But some do see the light at some point.

Chances are that you are reading this because you are one of them, or closely linked to a son of a narcissistic mother.

The core objectives of this site are to offer SoNMs a safe space where they can be validated, guided, and supported by others who know and understand the life predicament of a son of a narcissistic mother.


Like most abused children, sons of narcissistic mothers were denied the acknowledgment of their abuse. In most cases, the denial extends to the whole family and friends. It is important, after so many years of denial, for the victim of abuse to be validated. No, you didn’t make it up.

No, it’s not your fault. Yes, it happened. Yes, you can recover and reclaim your life.

But to fix a problem you need to acknowledge it and face it. On our posts for sons of narcissistic mothers, you will find information and links to resources that should help you understand better your personal experience as the child of a difficult parent.

You can also contribute by sharing your own story. Each one of us has a different story, a unique variant of a difficult childhood and/or adolescence. The more we exchange, see other people’s reality, and share with others what happened to us, the more we can accept and see the reality of our own experiences.

Information & Guidance

There is a lot of information out there and sometimes it’s difficult to make sense of it all or know who to trust. The information gathered on this site aims to be as clear, objective, and helpful as possible.

Exchange & Support

Most of us were very much alone in dealing with parental abuse.

While some of us find it difficult to ask for help or trust anyone as a result, fighting the battle for recovery and freedom from abuse is much easier with the help and support of others.

Through exchange and mutual understanding, we hope that this site can become a good source of peer support.

Tell your story in the comments or reach out to us on our Contact Page to share your story & get support.

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