For Sons of Narcissistic Mothers

Child with Narcissistic Mother that Looks Like Darth Vader

Being "raised" by a narcissistic mother is very serious developmental trauma. All aspects of your development and life can be negatively affected.

While there has already been quite a bit written about daughters of narcissistic mothers, little has been dedicated to their sons. This site, therefore, aims to give voice to sons of narcissistic mothers.

I have been on a healing journey for 15 years, am trained as a Trauma Recovery Coach, and have been helping survivors heal for 3 years. Much has been learned over the last few decades about how to effectively heal developmental trauma.

Complex PTSD will not simply go away with time. A healing relationship with a safe person who deeply "gets it" and "gets you" is essential. It takes work, but thankfully, there is a path and you can heal.

My mission is to help you be free from the fear, shame and other after-effects of narcissistic abuse. It would be my honor to accompany you on your healing journey.

With healing comes the freedom to realize your full potential & create a life you love.