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Helping Others Heal

For the last 3 years, I’ve been supporting survivors of narcissistic abuse.

As scary as it is for survivors, relational trauma can only be healed in the context of a safe, attuned, healing relationship.

Survivors need somebody who truly “gets it” and “gets them”. Somebody who truly understands the trauma of narcissistic abuse and will never shame you.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in Trauma Recovery Coaching – it’s a client-led, peer-to-peer, mutual collaboration in which we free you from the past and work on the future you dream about. We can start with a free 30 minute discovery call to see if it might be helpful for you.

Some of our articles and illustrations were donated by “Ian Sala” (a pseudonym), who founded SonsofNarcissiticMothers.org.

He created that site because although there are a lot of resources for daughters of narcissistic mothers, there was nothing specifically for sons by sons. What mentions there were on the web about sons were often inaccurate and sometimes abusive.

This site is here to promote truth, fairness, compassion, generosity, and tolerance for all survivors of narcissistic abuse. These have been absent for far too long.

These things, along with trauma-informed support, can help us out of the dark hole of anger, sadness, fear, shame, and isolation.

Being “raised” by a narcissistic parent(s), or being in an intimate relationship with a narcissist, is a serious developmental / relational trauma that will not go away if unaddressed.

We need to heal the wounds that come with this difficult life predicament. Healing is possible – it must occur in relationship to a safe, attuned other who gets it and who gets you.