Heal Your Past, Enjoy Your Present, and Create Your Future with Jim McGee

Trauma Recovery Coach

Welcome to Jim McGee Coaching

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Private Trauma Recovery Coaching

I provide a safe, non-judgmental space where clients who have experienced narcissistic abuse, family scapegoating, and developmental trauma can be understood, believed, and heal internalized shame. The aftereffects of psychological, emotional, verbal, physical & sexual abuse can be undone.

I believe we all have the innate capacity and drive to heal whatever we’ve been through. Relational trauma requires relational healing with a safe, caring, trustworthy, and knowledgeable trauma-focused professional.

It would be my honor to help you properly digest what you’ve been through, let go of fear and shame, get unstuck & free your inborn capacity for healthy growth.

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I See You

Developmental trauma survivors are often never seen for who they are. In narcissistic/abusive relationships, you get told who you are, and it’s not true.

Let’s deconstruct your trauma identity and discover your Authentic Self. (It’s better than you can imagine.)

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I Hear You

When’s the last time you were carefully listened to by somebody who actually gets it?

Telling your story and being heard, understood, and validated breaks the hold of grooming lies and brings freedom from toxic shame and fear.

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I Care

I am a survivor of developmental and shock traumas. I understand at a fundamental level what you’re going through.

The most important thing in the world to me is helping others realize they are not alone and leading them step by step into healing, peace, joy, and freedom

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You Matter

Relational trauma survivors are groomed to believe they don’t matter, don’t deserve much, and have nothing to offer if they’re true to themselves. False. The shame you carry does not belong to you and you are deserving.

I’m determined to see you through your healing until you create the life you really want.

What is the process?

I collaborate with clients to identify recurring patterns of thoughts, emotions, identity distortions, and sub-optimal actions that stem from unresolved traumatic experiences. Our goal is to enhance self-awareness, promote self-care, and improve emotional well-being, as we work together to establish a solid foundation for your recovery.

This involves understanding the dynamics of narcissistic abuse, regulating the nervous system, dissolving shame-based identifications, gaining insight into unconscious reactions, and empowering you to get what you want. It’s crucial to avoid pathologizing the aftermath of trauma and shame since all responses and coping mechanisms were ingenious solutions that were necessary for your survival. Since developmental trauma is rooted in relationships, the healing process must occur within a relational context.

Ultimately, our goal is healing, transformation, fulfillment of your potential, and a life you love.

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About me

I am a survivor of developmental and shock traumas. I’ve been working on my personal recovery steadily for the last 13 years. I’m trained as a Trauma Recovery Coach, currently pursuing my Advanced Certification.

I’ve spent the last 3 years supporting survivors of narcissistic abuse, and have witnessed that many if not most of us are stuck in important ways. There are very good reasons for this; the aftermath does not simply resolve over time; it requires safe, competent relational healing. With the right support, you can digest your past & move on.

Survivors deserve to digest & learn from their past, enjoy their lives, and create the future they want. Living well is the best revenge. I’d be honored if you would let me help you with this.

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